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CANDEL WARMER Electric Aromatherapy Warmer Lamp

CANDEL WARMER Electric Aromatherapy Warmer Lamp

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  • Safety and Environmental Friendly:There is no open flame or smoke with the candle warmer, reducing the risk of fire. Candle warmer lamp provide a safe and eco-friendly way to enjoy the scent of candles and are ideal for sustainability and safety. Please note that when you can't smell the scented candles, then you need to pour out some of the top melted candles in order to make the remaining candles evaporate the scent.
  • Adjustable Brightness & Timer:The brightness of the electric candle warmer can be adjusted, a total of four levels of brightness, different brightness melting wax speed is not the same. In addition, the lamp candle warmer also has a timer function, there are three timers to choose from, 2/4/8 hours. Using this timing function, you can sleep peacefully in the fragrance of the scented candle, without worrying about the candle will keep melting.
  • Adjustable Height Candle warmer: By rotating the nut in the middle of the candle warmer post counterclockwise, you can raise or lower the height of the candle warmer after letting the nut loosen. Smooth wooden base with non-slip pads ensure the candle lamp is strong and stable, making it easier to use
  • Best Gift & Vintage Home Decor: The latest generation of wax melting table lamp is the best gift for family, friends and loved ones. Each candle lamp warmer is carefully designed and packaged by us, ideal for Mother's Day gifts, house warming gifts, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, Halloween gifts and birthday gifts. Candle warmer not only can melt candles, but also can well decorate your bedroom, living room, office, yoga room, etc.
  • Fits All Candle Sizes: The candle warmer lamp compatible with fits all size candles. Candle warmers are engineered to last long so you can safely enjoy it for years. Note: This product is a candle warmer lamp only and does not include candles.

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