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T-FAL 4.2L Digital Stainless Steel Prestige Air Fryer

T-FAL 4.2L Digital Stainless Steel Prestige Air Fryer

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With the Easy Fry Prestige XL SS Digital Air Fryer, you can cook fried delights so tasty and healthy, everyone will be asking for seconds!

Its unique large touchscreen panel combined with its stainless steel exterior bring function and form to your modern kitchen. And convenience is at an all-time high thanks to 8 preset modes and a double layer rack that lets you cook more food at once.

Don't think - just cook!

Enjoy full control with the large digital touchscreen panel

Choose from 8 preset modes: fries, cutlet, shrimp, cake, pizza, fish, grill and roast.

Serve up to 6 people with a 4.2L capacity (1.2kg of food) – perfect for family dinners and entertaining!

For the busy cook who's always on the go, a double layer rack and 8 preset menus helps you save time and cook more food in one batch.

Blemished package with full 1 year T-Fal warranty

Products classified as Blemished Packaging are simply items with a damaged box that go through a rigorous inspection to ensure the product was not damaged. They come with a full warranty, However, they may have minor cosmetic imperfections. Buying a Blemished Package item is a great way to get a quality product at a bargain price. 


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