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MONCTON Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner

MONCTON Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner

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99.97% Allergen Removal  

High-efficiency UV light with strong penetrating power, this bed vacuum cleaner can effectively eliminate more than 99.97% of allergens on your bed, mattress, pillows, carpet and the surface of fabrics, keeping you away from coughs and sneezes. The light gravity sensor switch can avoid UV light leakage.

Roller Brush and Powerful Suction  

The 2500 rpm roller brush works with the high-frequency vibration of the pulsating pad to loosen dust/fur/hair/dander, and the powerful 15000Pa super strong suction driven by the high-speed motor sucks them all away.

Lightweight Vacuum with 16.5ft Long Cord

The UV bed cleaner features a corded design (16.5ft long) and a 0.4 liter dust cup for longer cleaning. The 2.79lb weight of the whole machine and the ergonomic handle design can greatly reduce the labor intensity.

Deep-Cleaning Technology

Suitable for deep cleaning pet fur / human hair / dander / dust on sofa, bed, clothes, blanket,carpet and other fabric surfaces. MONCTON mattress vacuum cleaner is an excellent gift for your family or friends who have petsor children.

Easy to maintain 

The filters are washable and reusable. The dust box is detachable and washable, super easy to clean.Regular cleaning will not affect suction power. 

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